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HALLOWEEN KILLS - Jason Blum Says He's Still Pushing For An October Release

There's not a lot of context on when this was said exactly but in an article posted by Entertainment Tonight (Yeah, the ones who said that Michael Myers wore a hockey mask) the site quoted Jason Blum as saying:

“I don’t know how it’s coming out but I’m hoping and still pushing for it to come out still in October”

The "how" seemingly refers to whether the film will release on video on demand due to the pandemic, release both VOD and theatrically or possibly be delayed entirely depending how the box office "shapes" out in the case of a second COVID wave before then.

Personally, I'm hoping for an October release in theaters because there is just no better way to watch Halloween. If this information is recent then it casts a little doubt on the rumor going around a Halloween Kills trailer will drop very soon. If they are still entirely unsure of a release date, one would imagine they are holding on to that trailer a little longer. Good to know he's still pushing for October though!

UPDATE: (Hat tip to Josh Ellis) It's worth noting that back on May 27th Blum apparently told Entertainment reporter Jacob Oller that the film would be keeping it's October date. Fingers crossed! Again, I want to reiterate ET didn't say WHEN Jason Blum said that quote so it's possible that was back before when things were more uncertain. Hopefully this tweet below from May 27th is the more recent news.

The main point of the article was Judy Greer, who portrays Karen in the film. She had this to say about Halloween Kills being a lot faster paced than its predecessor:

“I was always out of breath. In that first movie, we were saying hi to our old audience and then introducing ourselves to our new audience, like the generation that maybe didn’t know the original. And in this movie, we’re jumping in, if you catch my drift.”  

As always we'll have all the Halloween Kills updates here and on our youtube channel. We'll even be talking about this news tonight live at 9PM Eastern along with our Friday Night Franchise Fights: Hellraiser VS Child's Play, so be sure to subscribe and get that notification!

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