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HALLOWEEN KILLS Rumored To Be Delayed To 2021

UPDATE: It's now official.

It's with the deepest, most painful, guttural Loomis scream I can muster up that I scream GODDAMN YOU COOOOOVIIIIIIIIDDDDDD!

That goddamn monster in the closet got us after all and unfortunately it wasn't that white masked fucker holding the knife. It was 2020. It's almost completely official that HALLOWEEN KILLS will be delayed to 2021. It hasn't been announced yet and we weren't going to say anything until it was official but there are more than a few different leaks online like the one below and we expect an announcement any moment.

It's going to take a while for the disappointment to waft over us as Halloween fans but in the true nature of our site we'll try to remain possible even in the face of the worst Halloween news we could have received right now.

#1 - I know it goes without saying but I feel the need to point out that we've lost a lot worse in the face of this pandemic than a movie. We're going to be just fine.

#2 - We're still getting two HALLOWEEN films in the course of several years and that is two more HALLOWEEN films than we had in all of the EIGHT years between Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 and 2018's Halloween. That's rad.

#3 - HALLOWEEN ENDS is safe. The movie has already been financed and planned. There is no danger we aren't going to see this full trilogy come to fruition.

#4 - HALLOWEEN could be the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise right now locked up in a never ending legal battle for which the end isn't even in sight. If you told me we were getting a Friday sequel in a year I'd be jacked.

#5 - A straight to VOD release would have been amazing for fans in regards to being able to see the movie. But it's also very possible it could have damaged the HALLOWEEN franchise in the long run.

I know a lot of people were really hoping that Blumhouse and Universal would release the film on video on demand and there are those who will be downright angry at them for not releasing a movie they have fully done and in the can. But as I've said multiple times on the channel, releasing the film on VOD now only puts ENDS in the same situation next year. They still have to shoot the film in the middle of this pandemic and pushing out both movies to give everything room to breath, as much as I hate to say it.....makes sense for the health of the franchise overall.

I've heard arguments that people will lose interest while waiting another year but this is HALLOWEEN we're talking about folks. There's a reason we're this upset. People are going to show up for it whether it be next year or 2025. What is scary however is that there is no guarantee we aren't still going to be dealing with closures from COVID in 2021. Wouldn't it feel like a waste to delay the film a whole year just to release on VOD anyways? Sure. But it's a gamble they are clearly willing to take.

Again, trying to stay on the positive side here......Michael has never gone direct to video whether that be for lacking box office sales or a pandemic. It may be a illegitimate fear but it's a fear none the less for me that once HALLOWEEN goes straight to video it may never recover as the big screen property we've come to know it as. Not to mention from what I've heard from those who have seen it, HALLOWEEN KILLS is a movie you need to experience in the theater. What if KILLS is one of the best films in the franchise? Wouldn't you be disappointed to see that effort wasted if the movie came and went with a whimper instead of a roar?

One more time, I'm in no way happy about this. I'd rather run backwards through a cornfield listening to Nickelback's latest album than not watch this movie but it's not goodbye for HALLOWEEN KILLS. It's see you later! More to come! Be sure to subscribe to the channel and newsletter for all updates. I know this sucks.....but 2021 just got a whole lot cooler. Here's our video on the matter if you want someone to lick your wounds with. I SAID WOUNDS, GET YOUR HAND OFF MY LEG.

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