• Mike Holtz

Here's 5 Horror + Action Movies Coming Out This Week That Look Pretty Cool

Covid-19 may have stopped a lot of us from going to theater but IT CAN'T HAVE MY LUNCHABLES DAMMIT. Ahem, sorry. Different article. IT CAN'T HAVE OUR VIDEO RENTALS, DAMMIT! Here's five movies coming out this week that you can rent from your home that all look pretty gosh darn rad. You know what else is rad? Lunchables. I eat the cookie first because I'm bad.

Possessor (Today, VOD)

Does that face looks like Michael Myers got stuck in a State Farm sponsored tanning bed? Yes. Is 'Possessor' is getting insanely good reviews? Discount double check. The film, directed by David Cronenberg has racked up a 94% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and definitely seems like a one way ticket to fuck-town with NO refreshments.

Let Him Go (November 6th, VOD)

Superman's real life parents (Kevin Costner and Diane Keaton) have a daughter whom like my Wife, has poor decision making skills when it comes to men. She ROYALLY fucked up this time and their grandkid needs savin' from a family almost as scary as your super political uncle and his weird ass little kids at the Thanksgiving dinner table. One look at this trailer and I think you'll agree 'Let Him Go' is being severely underrated. Like your Mothers legs I MEAN POTATO SALAD!

The Dark and the Wicked (November 6th, VOD)

Holy fuck beans, does this movie look scary or what? Between that trailer and the 96% fresh Rotten Tomatoes score, I have no idea why nobody seems to be talking about 'The Dark and the Wicked'. Not to mention it's being helmed by 'The Strangers' director Bryan Bertino. Something else we DEFINITELY shouldn't mention is how many calories I ate in Halloween candy and Buffalo Wild Wings today. What kind of sick bastard put an NFL Sunday the day after Halloween? Dark and wicked on my waistline, you motherfucks.

Jungleland (November 6th, VOD)

I'm on the fence here. 'Jungleland' looks like it takes itself WAY too seriously but man am I a bitch for a movie about fighting. This is like if A24 made Lionheart. I feel conflicted as to whether or not that should exist.

Where She Lies (November 10th, VOD)

Look, NOBODY is talking about this. The frickin frackin' trailer barely has 200 goddamn views but this trailer has all the butt tinglings of a viral true crime doc. Check out the trailer for yourself. No, I won't explain butt tinglings.

You guys watching any of these? Can we come over? Because our house is haunted. We watched all the Exorcist movies in one day, made fun of Pazazu and now we're scared to go home. Also, we got kicked out. Check it out for yourselves in the video below and subscribe to the newsletter below that to get these articles every week!

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