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Here's Eight Cool Michael Myers HALLOWEEN Products Available At Spirit Halloween Today

In the words of Sheriff Barker in 2018's Halloween...."What are they gonna do? Cancel Halloween?" Nope. This whore covid might force the country to cancel trick or treating and for our kids and while that majorly sucks; It doesn't mean we can't still celebrate Halloween from August to November.

And you can bet your ass I'm still buying my kids an ass load of candy.

One of the best parts about the Halloween season is browsing the pop up Halloween stores or Halloween sections of your Walmart, Target, etc. For now we can still do that but there's no guarantee we won't be on lock down tighter than Michael Myers was at Smith's Grove by the time the good Halloween shit shows up.

No worries, we can still buy pumpkin spice products at the grocery store and we shop online for the rest of it. Just make up for the lack of in person shopping by going ape shit on your own house!

So, for the rest of the season we'll be posting all sorts of cool shit you can buy online this Halloween. Be sure to sign up for that email newsletter below so you can get notified when we find the cool shit!

Today we start vanilla. As in white. As in Michael Myers white, blank face. Like me, when I see the credit card statement after my Wife spends a Sunday afternoon at Target. Here's the coolest Halloween products I found browsing this years Spirit Halloween collection.


Cuddle up to the thoughts of Michael brutally murdering Jamie on barn machinery this Halloween. Also, I've never noticed this before but is Michael wearing gloves in this poster? Or was that supposed to be the man in black's hand? I've probably watched this film more than any other sequel in the franchise and never noticed this. Anyway you can buy this fucker here. (This isn't an ad by the way, just thought I'd make it convenient for ya)

HALLOWEEN II Pumpkin Stencil Set - $4.99

I've never seen this one before (they also have Freddy Vs Jason) but you can bet your sweet pumpkins I'm buying it. Last year, I carved the word "fuck" into a pumpkin because it made me laugh when it lit up. The neighbors will probably appreciate this one a lot more. Might even be able to get me one of Ms. Elrod's famous ham sandwiches.

Michael Myers Poster - $19.99

Some fun ass art picturing a Michael Myers concert. I wonder what Dr. Loomis opening act would be? Laurie Strode? Either way, you know Lonnie's out there selling weed in the parking lot and the whole towns smoking it because Sheriff Brackett can't smell shit. You can get this one here.

Michael Myers Dish Towel - $5.99

This item just debuted last year and I'm digging the red. Can't wait to not use this towel to do dishes. One time I used one of my wife's fancy dish towels to wipe the counters and you would have thought I punched a baby. I mean, what the fuck is the point of dish towels that you don't use? Might as well just hang a picture there instead. Buying this for straight revenge.

Michael Myers Tombstone Door Wreath - $19.99

I believe this is a brand new item and it's pretty damn sweet. Even better if you can get a dead Annie to lay underneath it all season. Just have the Amazon guy leave your packages on her. It'd be hilarious! You can also get this one in regular tombstone styling for a few bucks cheaper. Grab this one here.

Halloween 1978 Strip Sign - $12.99

Immortalize two eyed Michael forever. This is the last time you'll see him with two good eyes. It's also the last time he'll see anything with two good eyes.Grab this fancy piece of art here.

Michael Myers SLAY Pillow - $19.99

Dude! You can use it with your Halloween 6 blanket, dude! You'd think the last place Michael would want to be immortalized is on a couch. I mean, the last two couches he saw he was either watching a dude make out with his sister or getting stabbed in the goddamn neck with a yarn blade thing. This must have been Loomis' idea of a joke. You can get it here.

6ft Animatronic H20 Michael Myers - $259.99

Yeah, this ones been at Spirit for a while but you can't NOT talk about it. It's always fun to see when you go to the stores. Even with that wonky ass H20 face. I only wish that when you kicked it in the nuts his eyes would cross like they did in the movie. Grab it if your wallet's fat here.

Thanks for reading! Get in on that newsletter below for more Halloween updates. Here's some other articles you might enjoy: Halloween Kills Update, NECA shows off new Ultimate Ghostface, Kevin Smith's KILROY WAS HERE Trailer

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