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Here's Everything That Just Dropped On Netflix This Weekend

We're all out here trying to survive something.

Maybe it's winter, the Coronavirus, your angry and political relatives who like to be uncomfortably racist on Facebook. The night you ate an entire KFC donut chicken sandwich and drank seven beers. In Netflix' case, it's Disney Plus and the smattering of new streaming surfaces hitting the market every ten days. You think they'd be throwing the kitchen sink at us over the next year.

With that in mind, let's see if there's any gems to pick out below. That wasn't a reference to 'Uncut Gems', unfortunately. That won't be streaming on Netflix US until the summer according to the director:

Here's everything that dropped on Netflix on March 1st, 2020:

Go! Go! Cory Carson: Season 2 Always a Bridesmaid Beyond the Mat Cop Out Corpse Bride Donnie Brasco

A second tier mob film when compared to the greats like 'Goodfellas' below, 'Donnie Brasco' still counts as worthwhile Mafia entertainment. Al Pa-fuckin-chino and Johnny Depp on screen together? Get outta here. No, seriously. Leave. I want to watch this in peace and you chew with your mouth open.

Freedom Writers The Gift Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Goodfellas (Or as Jimmy two times would say it: "Goodfellas, Goodfellas")

No doubt, one of the greatest films of all time. Ready to be pistol whipped in the face standing in your own driveway? Pick only one film from the following and discard the rest: 'Godfather', 'Godfather II' or 'Goodfellas'? Told you it was hard. Now go home and get your fuckin' shine box!

Haywire He's Just Not That Into You Hook

"RUFIO, RUFIO!!!" Something I've never been able to shake about this film: You know the food fight scene where everyone is throwing multi-colored foods? Doesn't it look eerily similar to the casino buffet food Eddie was trying to feed Clark in 'National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation'? Think about it.

Hugo The Interview

You'll know pretty quickly whether or not 'The Interview' is for you. In an age where we just don't get very many risky comedies, I find myself appreciating this one more and more. That being said, I still think a comedy just based on Rogan and Franco's TV show would have been even funnier than the North Korea premise as a whole. The Eminem interview alone was gold.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Life as We Know It Looney Tunes: Back in Action Outbreak

I just paid $4.99 about 48 hours ago to rent this because it wasn't streaming anywhere and that makes me want to burn my entire house down but sometimes you take the L and move on. I love to see this film finally streaming, rental charge or no.

I've been secretly pissed at the whole world for the past few weeks after seeing 'Contagion' trending due to the Coronavirus with 'Outbreak' getting no love whatsoever.

To be fair, 'Contagion' is uncomfortably close to the exact same thing were going through as a society right now, but 'Outbreak' isn't that far off and far less depressing. There's darkness and emotion and all the stuff that comes from a movie of this subject matter but there's also an INSANE cast, some cool action scenes and a few good jokes. Matter of fact, 'Outbreak' is our streaming pick of the month.

*Jim Carrey 'Liar, Liar' voice* NOW, STREAM IT! STREAM IT OR I'LL BREAK IT OFF!

Resident Evil: Apocalypse Resident Evil: Extinction Richie Rich

For every kid who's ever dreamed about having a Taco Bell inside their own home. I think he had a McDonald's in there, too. Amazing. Underrated Culkin film here, folks. Make the kids watch it so they can learn about consumerism pre-internet.

Semi-Pro Sleepover Space Jam The Story of God With Morgan Freeman: S3 There Will Be Blood Tootsie Valentine's Day Velvet Colección: Grand Finale ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas

What will you be watching this week? Even if it's not on Netflix! Thanks for hangin' with me.

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