• Mike Holtz

Here's Ten Wild Michael Myers Halloween Fan Theories (Video)

Here's ten (actually eleven) different Halloween + Michael Myers fan theories that are all insane, even if some of them are possible. We deconstruct everything from Silver Shamrock creating a Michael Myers cyborg to Laurie actually helping Michael Myers escape. Some of these are absolutely ridiculous (Michael Myers wears a full kevlar body suit?) and all of them are a good conversation starter.

Without Halloween Kills to help us pass the time, we'll be doing plenty of these Halloween lists and horror movie breakdowns on the youtube channel in the future so hold on to your Michael Myers mask. Or your butts. We're currently in the process of planning a Nightmare on Elm Street ranking of all of Freddy Krueger's best looks. They change more often than you'd think. Aright enough yapping, here's the video TEN CRAZY HALLOWEEN THEORIES.

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