• Mike Holtz

Here's What Early 'Black Christmas' Reviews Are Saying

'Black Christmas' 2019 releases from Blumhouse in many theaters tonight, although the official release date is Friday the 13th. There's been a lot of....controversy seems like the wrong word? Complaints from fans of the original so far. Complaints regarding the trailer for showing far too much, the announcement of a PG-13 MPAA rating and an over emphatic push on the films feminist plot.

Are fans being unreasonable over the rating as some filmmakers and journalists have suggested? Not if you look at the numbers. There have been a total of three PG-13 slasher films over the past NINETEEN years that have ranked a 6.0 or higher on IMDB. Three. History says this is a bad move, but let's see what the critics are saying.

Only five reviews show up so far on Rotten Tomatoes. Three of them rotten and two of them fresh. Leaving the film with an (very early) score of 40% rotten.

What scares me and quite a few others who believe the original film had something important to say but also did so with a subtle edge, refraining from beating its audience over the head with an obvious agenda, is this particular blurb from Doug Jamieson from 'The Jam Report' who says:

" With the subtlety of a sledgehammer, 'Black Christmas' beleaguers its timely message to the point of exhaustion."

Well, yikes. That's exactly what I was afraid of reading some of the articles from the film makers involved. Horror movies can have amazing political or heartfelt messages. We know this. Here in 2019 however, messages tend to be less in the name of art and more used to make overtly obvious personal statements that cause divisive arguments instead of conversation or more importantly change. When you have to tell people how to view a film (or what kind of person they'll be if they don't enjoy it) then what is there for people to become aware of when watching it? What are you here to make people realize on their own? What are you here to say that you can't say on Twitter? I digress. Here's a good one! Jennifer Bisset from CNET says:

"With what feels like an abrupt ending after 90 minutes, Black Christmas's loaded material doesn't leave more than a superficial mark. But its gung-ho heroines bring an entertaining, if disposable, diversion with holiday trimmings."

Well, it was kind of good. It was a "fresh" score after all and I had a feeling the ladies cast would do a great job in the film. It's been a great year for women in horror. 'Crawl' and 'Ready or Not' are proof of this. I came out of both of these films feeling like I'd just watched some badass ladies do some badass things, because I did. It was organic and awesome.

I'll leave you to read up on the other reviews, here. (I feel like it would be wrong to just take all the content off another site and post it here, no?) but a 40% rotten is the early, early consensus from the critics over on Rotten Tomatoes.

I'm genuinely hoping there's more to the film than what I'm expecting. I'm rooting for it after all and will most likely have a review of some sort up tomorrow! Love your fuckin faces.

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