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Check Out Horror Coffee Shop 'House of Hel' Opening Friday In El Paso

You opened the coffee shop....WE CAME.

You think Pinhead is scary? Try opening a business in the middle of a pandemic. That's what Helen and Robert Hinojos are up against when they open the 'House of Hel' on June 6th and we couldn't be more in their corner. Mixing horror and coffee. What a rad idea! Thankfully for them things are starting to open back up and they can treat the people of East El Paso to ALL the ghoulish goods.

Seriously, all I can do right now is think of coffee horror puns. Bob's Burgers had me legit considering opening a burger joint just so I could come up with clever burger names. It has to be the funnest part of the business. Think about it.... (Jim Carrey Cable Guy voice) the possibilities are endless!

Halloween: The blackest coffee.....the devil's coffee. (Obvious choice for a dark roast)

Child's Play: Let's play hide the scone..... (A coffee/scone combo!)

The Omen. It's slow drip for you Damien... (Okay, that one sounds kind of gross.)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Texas Cappuccino Massacre (Uninspired, I know)

Night of the Living Dead. They're coming to caffeinate you, Barbara.

Army of Darkness. Give me some sugar, baby donuts.

Friday the 13th. Crystal Lake Cold Brew

I feel embarrassed about my performance but these were off the top of my head. Best of luck to the 'House of Hel' coffee shop (which is a play on the owners name, Helen), El Paso is lucky to have you! Check out some more photos from the shop below and show some support on their Facebook here.

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