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Horror Movie Review: HOST Is One Of The Funnest + Scariest Desktop Horror Films Yet

Premiering tomorrow on Shudder, Director Rob Savage's 'Host' is a desktop horror film that takes place during a zoom call when a group of friends on quarantine enlist the help of a medium to conduct a seance. That ofcourse...... goes horribly wrong.

'Host' is a jump scare fueled, ride of a horror movie that delivers exactly what it's going for. An extremely simple plot, a running time of just over an hour and the same kind of feeling we all got watching 'Paranormal Activity' or 'REC' for the first time. The jump scares here are welcome because they aren't weighing you down with twenty minutes of over dramatic exposition in between.

Instead, everything is stripped down, necessity is the mother of invention and it's just the filmmakers looking you deeply in the eyes, saying "Let's see if we can get you to shit those pants, shall we?".

There are plenty of parallels to other desktop horror films within the sub-genres short life span but that's not to say 'Host' doesn't set itself apart. The pillars are the same but the scares are original for the most part and when they aren't (For example, kitchen pantries purging their contents or chairs moving around) they are at the very least well timed.

All of this, especially impressive for a film that even doesn't even have the bells and whistes of an 'Unfriended: Dark Web'. There is no Macbook here, there is only Zoom.

The cast is full of like-able characters and the film is well acted. There's plenty of human meat bags for the grim reaper to have his way with and with a film like this we have the luxury of not having the death scenes spoiled by a trailer.

The foundation of the 'Host' cake has been built before but the frosting is new and it's fucking tasty. That's what 'Host' spends its time on, thankfully. If you are able to suspend your believe and go on a short ride without looking under the hood too much (which again, is exactly why we enjoy these films), you should have a bunch of fun with 'Host'. I'd definitely check it out on Shudder on July 30th. Even funner in the dark with a group of friends. 8/10

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