• Mike Holtz

Horror Movie Review: SPREE Is Really Fun Until it Picks Up The Wrong Character

Directed by: Eugene Kotlyarenko (Feast of Burden)

Starring: Joey Keery (Stranger Things), Sasheer Zamata (I Feel Pretty), David Arquette (Scream)

Synopsis: A rideshare driver (Keery) obsessed with getting views on social media decides to stream a live murder spree for followers.

Spree is an extremely enjoyably if not fucked up ride for most of its running time. Mixing the creativity of desktop horror with on the go found footage was an entertaining and original experience. Joey Keery is a mixed bag of charming, psycho and sad in a millennial spin on Patrick Bateman. Even if the movie itself isn't fully able to live up to American Psycho standards (not many do), Keery remains great throughout.

When you're introduced to Kurt he's a disarming, nerdy video blogger who really doesn't have a personality of his own. He's empty and trying desperately to replicate the personalities he sees online. As things get wackadoo in the film, his lack of natural self is perpetuated by his Dad (Arquette) who's an over the hill DJ perpetuating his own need for attention and his only friend is a much more successful streamer who constantly mocks him. Keep in mind this breakdown happens almost immediately and is surrounded by neon lights and techno beats. This isn't a slow dramatic, lifetime tale. It's a hundred miles an hour going the wrong way and headed towards fuck town.

Still yet, Kurt is a tragic and interesting character that Spree uses to really hammer home it's point that the constant need for self worth via social media numbers is truly going to take its toll on some of us mentally. That's not to get preachy or damn social media as a whole. Nothing great is without its dark or downsides. It's just a truth and one that Spree and Joey Keery do a poignant job replicating to the utmost of extremes.

The downside of Spree is that it's one of those films that is so fun when unhinged but eventually has to choose where it's going and does so poorly. Things end up focused on comedian Jessie Adams (Zamata), who Kurt picks up along the way. This character, to no fault of the actress has an awful, hateful and unfunny personality. Yet, for whatever reason this film is in love with her and wants us to be too.

Spree is worth recommending for it's leading performance and wild as hell first two acts. It just would have been better off not asking us to praise the account "takeover" by a character not much more lost than our villain. 6.5/10

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