• Mike Holtz

Horror Trailer: 'Widow's Point' Locks Craig Sheffer In A Haunted Light House

Coming to DVD and video on demand on September 1st is Craig Sheffer's (Who was the bomb in Hellraiser: Inferno, yo) 'Widow's Point'.

In the film, a writer locks himself inside of a haunted lighthouse for a couple days and then.....he gets haunted. Hey man, you go to White Castle you should expect to get tiny delicious hamburgers. Or in my case, a Wife that won't get in your car for two weeks afterwards because she hates the smell so bad. Worth it. Anyways, check out the trailer below.

This looks like a one man haunted lighthouse version of Ryan Reynolds 'Buried', mixed with a little bit of Stephen King's '1408'.

Somewhere right now Ryan Reynolds is like "Don't compare that shit, I had a box. This guy has a whole fuckin' lighthouse!!" then I tell him to stop whining and go back to his abs workout while I shove two White Castle sliders into my mouth simultaneously.

Widow's Point is based on a book by Billy and Richard Chizmar and has received positive critical praise so far and won several film festival awards. You can check it out yourself on DVD and digital on September 1st! Until then be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter below to stay updated on all VOD horror to keep you entertained during quarantine!

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