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How Halloween's Messy Timeline Has Become an Asset, Not a Weakness

I'm sure there are people out there who watched the 'Halloween' franchise in chronological order this Halloween season. Whatever that means. Whether it be from 'Halloween' through the myriad of other films ultimately ending in 2018's 'Halloween' or 'Halloween' through Rob Zombie's 'Halloween 2' or 'Halloween' straight to 2018's 'Halloween' or the Jamie Strode storyline from 'Halloween' through 'Halloween 6' or the original Laurie Strode storyline of 'Halloween', 'Halloween II', 'Halloween H20', ending again in 'Resurrection' or maybe stopping at 'H20' deciding Michael headless and dead.

I think you get the point.

There are endless 'Halloween' timelines and the franchise is understandably picked apart for it. Were there horrendous decisions made? Yes. Michael probably should've never put a baby in Jamie Strode in the thorn timeline. Michael should have probably never had his ass kicked by a Kung-Fu Busta Rhymes in the original timeline. He shouldn't have had his backstory explained in Rob Zombie's remake and there sure as shit should have NEVER been a reason for a unicorn to enter the franchise. Oh sorry, white horse. Whatever.

Yet, here we sit.

Here we sit where the horror world stops moving every time the slightest bit of 'Halloween Kills' news even threatens to break. Where the Halloween franchise is about to be able to do whatever the hell they want after 'Ends' is released (more on that later) assuming the next two films hold pace. Why? Failure. Resilience. Success and the Akkad family.

Despite maybe not always making the most perfect decisions, Moustapha Akkad loved this franchise and his son carries that torch today. They love Michael Myers. So much so that legend has it Moustapha had an unwritten rule that no-one, in any film, ever is allowed to kill Michael Myers. Michael Myers is not allowed to die...and I fucking love that. It's not really Michael that's un-killable, however. How many times has he technically died by films? (I count four times where there wasn't a wink to the camera at the end ala Resurrection and the breathing after the credits in 'Kills') It's the people in charge of these films and their unflinching love for the franchise that is the real unstoppable killing machine; The ravenous fans, their weapon.

When ComicBook.com recently asked 'Halloween Kills' producer Ryan Freimann about whether or not 'Ends' spells the end of the franchise, he had this to say:

"I have not thought that far ahead. Right now, we're in the midst of what we see as the David Gordon Green trilogy. And the story, like with the Rob Zombie films, it had these little offshoots. They had done Halloween III: Season of the Witch way back then, so it's like we're living in the moment with these films that are successful, and we'll see where it goes from there. I hope there is a theatrical experience. The future is still in place, but for right now, yes. It just speaks to me and Malek (Akkad)."

The 'Halloween' franchise has refused to die through controversy, critical failure, wacky ideas, producer/theatrical cuts, canceled films and now the possible shut down of the theater industry. Yet, if you're paying close attention you'll notice they just serial killer stalked their way through all of that shit and into James Bond franchise territory. Meaning, there are so many different iterations and storylines that there doesn't have to be continuity anymore. Not to mention, due to David Gordon Green's success and serious treatment of the source material, other serious talent right now wonders how they could leave their mark on the franchise when 'Ends' completes. We're not talking 'Halloween 5' to 'Halloween 6' anymore we're talking 'Goldeneye' to 'Casino Royale'. We're talking 'Batman' levels of options here and it's all thanks to persistence.

I'm a firm believer that persistence through adversity eventually creates, at the very least, moderate success. You may not be able to play in the NBA if you're slow, five foot tall, and have no talent but if you try hard enough who's to say you can't be a successful High School coach and spend your life around the game? Being happy and doing what you love?

There are always avenues and ways to stay alive if you look hard enough and 'Halloween' is a surprising example of it. Not only have they done that, they have, by simply refusing to stop moving forward found themselves in one of the most envious positions of any horror franchise ever. 'Halloween' hasn't always done it right. Who does? Just the fact that one of the franchises biggest scars has become an asset is a perfect reminder for all of us that the harder you work, the luckier you goddamn get.

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