• Mike Holtz

HUBIE HALLOWEEN Has Maybe More Neighborhood Halloween Atmosphere than Any Film, Ever

Plot: A Happy Madison Productions picture where Adam Sandler plays a weird, Halloween obsessed dude living in Salem, Massachusetts. The whole town treats him like crap even though he's the nicest guy ever and all he wants to do is keep the community safe on Devil's night.

Directed by: Steven Brill (Heavyweights)

Starring: Everyone who's always in Adam Sandler movies. Not even being a smart ass, it's just a huge list of people from Shaq to Steve Buscemi. The main stars though, are Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen (Virginia from Happy Gilmore!)

You either like Adam Sandler movies or you don't. At this point, if it's a Happy Madison Productions film and not a random Oscar contender for Sandler like Uncut Gems (shafted) you know exactly what you're in for. There is a caveat to that, however.

I went through a phase where I hated Sandler's Happy Madison films. I longed for the days of Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore but couldn't stomach another watered down version of that . I think a lot of people felt that way (Grown Ups 2 probably killed it or maybe Pixels) but in the dark year of our Lord 2020, I watched David Spade's The Wrong Missy on a whim and laughed my ass off. I then went into a tear of stupid Sandler movies and had the time of my life. The world around us is so goddamn dark right now that fart jokes and people getting punched in the face is exactly what we need. Good plot or story be damned. Shit, we don't even get comedies in general anymore. So, I've learned to welcome the Sandman back into my 14 year old heart and you should too. Or at least give it a shot with Hubie Halloween.

The difference between this and all of the other films is that they did a goddamn MAGNIFICENT job of spreading Halloween cheer. I mean it is in every SINGLE shot. It's like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory version of Halloween Express without the weird acid trip and kids being scarred forever or possibly killed. I am unbelievably impressed with the way they used the Salem location, decorations and attitude to make this a true Halloween film. It's worth the watch with the family (other than some sexual jokes) just to set the Halloween mood around the house and in your minds. There's also, throughout all the dumb shit (which I love 90% of but I realize some don't) some actual good themes about being good to people and not treating them like flaming piles of dog poop (HE CALLED THE SHIT POOP!)

I don't know why I wrote this review when my tweet earlier pretty much summed it all up perfectly. Hubie Halloween is like Halloween threw up all over an Adam Sandler movie.....and I loved it. For more Halloween vibes don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel below for a month long celebration of darkness and fuckery!


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