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"I made you and I'll kill you!" Kevin Williamson On How He Ended Up Writing 'Halloween: H20'

Kevin Williamson, famed 'Scream' writer was on the Shock Waves Podcast today to talk about the specific process bakers go through to get that delicious jelly inside of jelly donuts. I'm sorry, I haven't had breakfast and that's just been on my mind for a while. He was of course there to talk about the horror films he's been involved in over the years. One of those films being 'Halloween: H20'. The one where Laurie cuts off Michael's head despite his ability to do one armed pull ups and LL Cool J is an aspiring porno book author with an overbearing wife. "Round melons". Classic.

When asked by one of the shows hosts, Ryan Turek ('Halloween Kills' Producer) about how he ended up working on the story of 'Halloween: H20', Williamson said:

'Steve Miner (Friday the 13th Part II) was shooting a pilot of 'Dawson's Creek' (Which Williamson was a writer on) and he had shot Jamie Lee Curtis in 'Forever Young' with Mel Gibson. He said I'm going to go over and say hi to Jamie if you wanna come and I just (baffled noises) What? Yes, I do!" he continued "We chatted for a while and took a picture together and I blew it up and framed it and put it on my wall. It was awesome and then I got asked to.... I was in the middle of 'The Faculty', in the middle of 'Tingle' (Teaching Ms. Tingle). I was in the middle of 'Dawson's Creek' and I remember Bob (Weinstein) called me and was like "We need you to come." They hired Steve Miner to direct 'H20' because Jamie Lee liked him and she was already signed on and I said "No I can't to do it, I'm too tired, I'm too busy" and they go "You have to" and he threatened me and he said "I made you and I'll kill you" and I was like okay (laughing) you know those Hollywood threats." He then went on to sound semi Ghostface-ish saying "Is this a red dot on your back? You by a window? There's a red dot on your back", that one, I would get that one a lot." Williamson continued "Then Steve Miner called me and said "Please you've got to help just rewrite these characters, just give them voices" and I was like "No, no, no, no" and then they got me. The phone rings and it's Jamie Lee Curtis."

Working in Hollywood in the 90's sounds fuckin' wiley! So, if you were wondering how 'H20' ever became so 'Scream'-ish, this is the story of how it began. The makeup of the entire 'H20' was actually quite fascinating going from idea to idea and re-write to re-write. As a matter of fact we did a whole video covering the entire story of the unmade 'H20' scripts that can be found below. Several actually, including one detailing the treatment that Kevin Williamson ended up writing for 'H20' with a completely different ending which saw Michael taking on the blades of a helicopter. Check them out below and be sure to subscribe so that you get all this action in your box. Your inbox. Jesus, Greg grow up.

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