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If You Dig 90's Thrillers Check Out Amy Adams in 'The Woman In The Window' (Trailer)

For some reason and maybe it's just in my head, the 90's had shit tons of original thrillers and mysteries and dramas galore. Maybe the early 2000's as well. Could have been the superhero, sequel and remake surge that has made studios all too scared to spend bucks on something not already tied to a popular IP but they just don't seem to make em' as much anymore.

'The Woman in the Window' isn't totally original either ofcourse, as it is based off an AJ Finn novel but I mean who the fuck reads? I'm kidding, Greg. Calm your titts. Check out the trailer below and I'll tell you exactly which awesome 90's thriller 'The Woman in the WIndow' me of. Perhaps we're thinking the same thing?

If you guessed Sigourney Weaver in 'Copycat' you win! We're both old! For those of you who aren't reading from your nursing homes right now, 'Copycat' involved a criminal psychologist who becomes agoraphobic and ridden with panic attacks after she's attacked by one of the criminals she studied. Her being unable to leave the house and afraid to speak with strangers added some interesting plot challenges that were fascinating to watch unfold. Kind of seems like the same thing is at work at the start of 'The Woman in the Window' and I'm there for it.

An interesting premise, the unintended feeling of nostalgia and an awesome cast (including Amy Adams, Gary Oldman and Jennifer Jason Leigh) and you can call me 'The Dude in the Theater'. I apologize for that joke. I'm a father.

'The Woman in the Window' hits theaters May 15th, 2020 and well have all sorts of updates on all sorts of shit so long as you subscribe to the newsletter below OR I'LL MAKE YOU THINK YOU MADE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE WHO DIED BUT DIDN'T PROBABLY.

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