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Jamie Lee Curtis, David Gordon Green Hosting 'Halloween' Watch Party Saturday

You got plans Saturday night? Well, cancel them! Laurie Strode needs someone to hang out with. Her possible date, Ben Tramer got hit by a car and literally fucking melted so she's totally free.

Anyway, according to Deadline both Jamie Lee Curtis and David Gordon Green will be hosting a watch party of 2018's 'Halloween' this Saturday night. I'm unsure if anyone is actually showing the movie but the idea is that you can start the film at the same time and they will provide written commentary along with the film on Twitter.

UPDATE: I've just learned via Bloody Disgusting that the event will also include John Carpenter, Jason Blum, Judy Greer, Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney. Holy Sartain crackers, Batman! I like to think that Michael will be watching too. Just silently because well, you know. To take part in the event (we'll be taking part as well on our own accord) you just have to follow any of the accounts of the people partaking and use #HalloweenAtHome when tweeting yourself. The event begins at 4PM Eastern Saturday!

Nonetheless, we all know what we all know we're thinking. Will they also be hosting the release of the 'Halloween Kills' trailer?!?? Nobody knows. Someone should ask someone because that's how we'll know.

Now, either Ryan Turek, Jason Blum or Michael Myers will tweet out and go ahead and deny the possibility of a trailer so that we can all relax our cracks or they won't because that will obviously get more people watching. We'll see! But the possibility of a trailer coming this Saturday did just go from "who the fuck knows" to "who the fuck knows but this thing is happening so, who the fuck knows."

We're thirsty bitches just like you all, so whatever happens we'll be talking about it right away. Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel here and click that bell. It looks just like the one Michael strangled peanut butter penis guy with.

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