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John Carpenter Retweets Idea He Direct a CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON for Blumhouse

John Carpenter of Halloween, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13, tons of other cool action and horror movies, creator of sweet ass soundtracks, synth scores and overall bad ass motherfucker has spoken. Sort of.

The horror master himself and owner of a killer long hair/mustache combination retweeted a post from @GoldenTicketVid on Twitter that suggests he direct a Blumhouse version of Creature from the Black Lagoon, should that happen. Here's the tweet.

To be clear this all very speculative, we don't know if Blumhouse will remake Creature from the Black Lagoon and John Carpenter hasn't directed since 2010's underrated The Ward. But it isn't impossible either.

Carpenter wrote a script for Lagoon back in the day, he's in great company with Jason Blum and Blumhouse. Not to mention, I have very little doubts that Blum wouldn't jump all the floppity fuck over being able to not only have JC's talent behind the camera....but to market ever loving shit out of that thing. "The horror master returns", they'll shout!

Not to mention, Blumhouse just scored a huge hit with The Invisible Man and there's been rumblings they will slowly but surely bring about other Universal monsters back out of their dark holes.

Also, Carpenter has no excuse not to get back to directing. His Warriors suck. Sorry, John. If it makes you feel better we'd all love to see you direct the shit out of this thing. Hope you mean it!

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