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Kevin Bacon Comments On The Possibility of Playing Freddy Krueger In A New NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET

Kevin Bacon visited the Boo Crew Podcast to promote his new film YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT (video review here) and they were kind enough to us all to ask him about the possibility of playing Freddy Krueger one of these days. Here's what he had to say (via Bloody Disgusting):

“I entertain all offers. I’m a guy that goes where the characters are. So, if I feel like the character is there, sure. I think it’s a cool idea, it’s a great franchise.”

So, you're telling me there's a chance! First off, kudos to Sir Bacon for having the balls to even consider going there. Here's why it would be cool: Number one, he's Kevin fucking Bacon and Kevin fucking Bacon rules. No, not watching a guy named Kevin fuck bacon. That's gross and unachievable, there's no way to "fuck" bacon.

Even if you're turned off by the idea, watching someone with that much talent and experience take on such an interesting role would be fascinating for reasons of pure curiosity alone. Number two, the buzz would be amazing for the franchise. Especially after being dormant since that burnt squirrel faced CGI remake ten years ago.

Here's why it may not work: Although extremely handsome (handsome enough to be believable as Amanda Seyfried's husband in his latest movie) he's only twelve years younger than Robert Englund. The same Robert Englund who cites age as the main reason he won't be coming back for the rigmarole of the makeup and everything else that goes with playing Freddy Krueger. It'd be awesome to see Kevin Bacon in the role but if we're going to bring Freddy back to stay, should it be someone who could stick around in the role for another seven films? Like an up and coming, possibly unknown actor? Also, how much makeup is it going to take for us to see Freddy Krueger and not sexual Kevin Bacon on screen?

End of the day if you give me Kevin Bacon as Freddy Krueger I'm taking it. We haven't heard anything new from the franchise since hearing that the Wes Craven estate was accepting pitches for a new story earlier this year. If something doesn't happen soon I'll have no choice but to go dance angrily in the barn and maybe even take a swig of beer with attitude. Check out our video below from back when the original thought of Kevin Bacon as Freddy entered our minds! Be sure to subscribe as we'll have updates on any A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET news. Don't try to fuck bacon.

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