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Kevin Williamson Originally Had A Different Path For 'Scream 4' and 'Scream 5' Entirely

Bam, bitch goes down! Sid, super bitch! Back in college?

'Scream' writer Kevin Williamson was on the Shock Waves podcast today spilling not intestines but details, thank Christ (Could you imagine what that would do for my book sales, Kenny?) on his time as a writer of horror films.

He had some fascinating insights into the creation of the original 'Scream' at one point revealing that he originally wrote it as a play when he was younger. It was basically a 45 minute conversation between the killer and Casey that Kevin referred to as pretty bad.

Still yet, he pulled the script out of his drawer years later and in an act of desperation during a tough time wrote 'Scream' in a matter of three days. He also revealed that at one point Joe Dante was supposed to direct 'Scream' and that they had also asked Robert Rodriguez however, he declined. It's a wonderful interview that I totally recommend giving a listen.

In the meantime, Williamson also had some fascinating insights into 'Scream 4' and the original plans to make several more sequels:

"When Scream 4 came I had an idea for Scream 4 so I kind of called him (Wes Craven) up first and didn't go to the studio with it and I wanted to make sure he was on board with it and he was. I had Scream 4, 5 and 6." he continued "I wrote 'Scream 4' and I really liked the version I wrote but they kept giving me notes and I ended up writing it ten times. There's a lot of what I love in it that I did like but there's a lot of it that I feel like would have.....like I had a better opening scene. I had a better through line for Sidney's character and it led into 'Scream 5' which took us back to college so it was sort of a wink at 'Scream 2'"

I would pay good money to read that original 'Scream 5' script. One wonders if he ties any of his ideas from it into Radio Silence's 'Scream 5' which he'll be helping produce for Spyglass. It's also fascinating to know he had a completely different ending for 'Scream 4'. Someone get him on the show, we've got questions! Probably won't happen though. Let's face it, we're no Sharon Stone!!!! We did make a cool video about the 'Scream 3' film Kevin Williamson originally wrote that was never made involving Stu coming back as the killer. His motive? Peer pressure. He's far too sensitive. Check it out below and be sure to subscribe, SIDNEY! Thanks for reading.

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