• Mike Holtz

KFC In South Korea Is Putting Goddamn Cream Cheese Balls on Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

This is South Korea's new KFC spicy chicken sandwich innovation. Those are deep fried cream cheese balls stacked on top of a crispy chicken sandwich smothered in spicy sauce. DEEP FRIED CREAM CHEESE BALLS SMOTHERED IN SPICY SAUCE, YOU WHORES!

What Witchcraft is this? Initially the idea is gross but I made peace with it quite quickly. The thought of the cream cheese bursting all over the.....you know what just imagine for yourself that sexual joke I made earlier makes it too awkward for me to describe.

I think this sandwich could be delicious. There is one caveat. Many of the KFC's I've been to aren't exactly food magicians. No offense to anyone who works at a KFC (I don't blame you) but most times I eat there the food is as about as far away from the initial idea as me attempting to motherfucking salsa dance like J-Lo.

It's all in the preparation and you DO NOT want a nasty ass, half cooked, or over cooked and bursting deep fried cream cheese ball smothering your chicken sandwich. You eat with your eyes people. I once had their Cheetos' chicken sandwich and though it's a wonderful idea, the KFC that served it to me had it tasting like my Dad's shoe rubbed in instant mac and cheese powder.

Anyways, this is all for naught. This chicken bitch lives only in South Korea. I can't afford to fly there on my private jet can you? I'm not Bruce Wayne. But, if I were Bruce Wayne this is the exact kind of shit I'd spend my time doing. Flying to South Korea to eat chicken.

By way, it's called Kentucky Fried Chicken, dammit! Why can't they test their shit here in Kentucky? Like us Southerners DON'T want fried food smothered on top of fried food? This is bullshit. Chicken smothered bullshit.

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