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Let's Go Halloween Shopping! Six Cool 'Friday The 13th' Items Available At Spirit Halloween Today

In today's edition of 'Let's Go Halloween Shopping' we're covering Spirit Halloween's 'Friday the 13th' collection. No, they aren't paying us for this but we added links anyway for your convenience because we're nice fucking guys! WE WERE GOOD TO YOU MIKEY!!!! Whoops, wrong franchise. Wish Rob Zombie would have said that we showed up to film 'Halloween 2' am I right? Here's the coolest six 'Friday the 13th' things I found at Spirit Halloween online.

Jason Voorhees Work Shirt $34.99

Cosplay the bad ass look of Friday the 13th Part 3D's Jason Voorhees without scaring away the normals at your local grocery store. Extra points if you can find a Voorhees facemask to go with the shirt.

To the tune of Alanis Morissett's 'Ironic': "It's like saving lives, dressed as a murderer"

Jason Voorhees Tube Bandana - $5.99

Oh damn, look at that. I found one. How convenient. And you might as well add it to your order because shipments over $30.00 are free of shipping charges. Man, Spirit should REALLY should be paying me for writing this.

Be honest though this guy kind of looks like he's popping up out of one of those sewer tubes from Mario.

Or like his bandanna is giving birth to a human head. Gross.

Freddy VS. Jason Pumpkin Stencil Book - $4.99


Jason Voorhees Beanie Hat - $16.99

Digging this beanie. I don't really have anything clever to say about it and I'm tired of pretending to be someone I'm not, Dad!! I WANT TO LIVE MY OWN LIFE! I DON'T WANT TO BE YOU!!!!!

Crystal Lake Police Hat - $19.99

There's nothing more useless than a police officer in a slasher movie. But I'd still wear this hat. It looks like something Dr. Challis from 'Halloween III' would wear to keep Linda from noticing him while he hits on other women at their kids baseball games.

Jason Voorhees Crystal Lake Wreath - $19.99

There's not a whole lot of actual 'Friday the 13th' house decorations available but this is definitely my favorite of the three or four on the website. It'd make a sick tattoo as well but my favorite part is the irony of a life raft here, when the legend of Jason is that he drowned to death because nobody threw him one.

Thanks for reading! You can check out the whole 'Friday the 13th' collection here but before you go be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below for more articles like this one! We're going to be doing this series all the way through Halloween so don't miss it and remember.....wherever the red dot goes, yebang!

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