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Let's Talk About Michael Myers New Crispy Mask In HALLOWEEN KILLS

LET IT BURN!!!!! Yeah, let 2020 burn!!!!!! We shout from the rooftops and in the back of trucks that may or may not be HALLOWEEN 4 easter eggs.

If you're reading this you know what hell yesterday brought upon us. The official delay of HALLOWEEN KILLS followed up by a nice little teaser making us more excited for the movie we would now not get to see until 2021. Like our friend Jenee said in our live stream yesterday, the teaser was "Just the tip of Michael's knife". Ouch, ouch you're on my hair.

Let us bask in the tip of HALLOWEEN KILLS and take a look at the teasers most interesting aspect: That crispy ass mask. Which I mean in the best of ways.

We've said probably more times than Michael stabbed Judith (which was A LOT. Why'd you have to go after her breasts, dude? Weird. She's your sister, bro.) that the most important aspect of a HALLOWEEN film is the mask.

You can have the coolest slasher movie ever made but if Michael's face looks silly or off putting that shit isn't going to work one little teeny tiny bit. Imagine how much even more amazing HALLOWEEN IV would have been had Michael's mask not looked like someone had just put a surprise finger in his butt?

In 2018's HALLOWEEN Christopher Nelson and Co killed it, putting together a brand new mask that not only harkened back to 78' but had its own unique and frightening traits. Many fans consider it the second best mask of the entire franchise behind only the original.

Then, at the end of 2018's HALLOWEEN........ we burnt the son of a bitch.

Michael, left for dead (Ha!) in Laurie's hunk a, hunk a burning paranoia cave most definitely received some crispiness from that fire before his ultimate escape. His mask or half of it at least would fall prey to it as well. That's what you get for standing there trying to be creepy while they literally lit you on fire, Michael. That's what you get for trying to be a badass. We all know that shit hurt. You just know that as soon as the Strode women left he said "Oh, Thank God!" and started rolling around on the floor, screaming in pain.

We've speculated for months about what would come of Michael's pale, blank, emotionless, charbroiled whopper left on the grill by a high Burger King employee having ass face. Well now, we have some answers.

At the very end of the trailer Michael slowly turns towards us as if to say "Hi, motherfuckers. Is this what you want?" and we can see just the cusp of Michael's new and crispy mask. The neck shows the most damage and it looks so damn cool as you can see in the picture below.

We're not talking light scuff marks here, I mean it is black as fuck. You can slightly see through the eye hole that the top portion of the mask looks to be crispy as well. I cannot wait to see this thing in action and I have no doubt it's going to look amazing.

But let's talk semantics.

Number one, how far does the burning go? It looks like a little less than half of the masks worth. Here's a shot shared by Nick Castle on twitter months ago. You can get a good idea of just how far the burning spreads by looking at the darkness levels on the far left mask. It almost goes all the way up. Like the legs on Kevin Bacon's dream girl in TREMORS:

Number two, did the mask burn into his flesh? How badass would that look? How awful would that smell? If you've ever worn a Myers mask long enough to sweat you know your face is left smelling like a six pack of condoms. Imagine the smell once that thing has burned into flesh? Dear lord, you'll be able to smell Michael from a mile away like you were John Matrix in COMMANDO smelling enemies downwind.

And it's not like Michael was the king of freshness before.

Number three, does he switch masks at any point through the film or is the entirety of HALLOWEEN KILLS and ultimately HALLOWEEN ENDS him in the new crispy mask? Hard to tell.

I've always wondered about the photo below, taken from the original behind the scenes teaser. Is this the bathroom scene in which he takes off his broiler mask and switches it with a fresh one? It's one of the only shots of his whole mask so far and I can't tell if its the burnt one. It's dark on the side where the burning would be and it'd be pretty easy to do some digital touch ups and hide it for the teaser but it doesn't look THAT burnt. On the contrary however, Mike also looks as if he's possibly missing some hair here.

Another interesting mask thought is this......if Michael DOES switch masks he can't go back to the look from 2018. That mask is a one of a kind that has aged since his dark bidding many years ago. It's not hanging up in store shelves in this Halloween universe. So, if he does switch masks he's going to be wearing a fresh one, without the aging. Not hard to find for the studio considering they've already constructed a fresh 78 mask for the known flashback sequences.

Throughout all the photos we've seen of Mikey it seems as though they've tried to keep the left side of his face hidden. The photo above is in the mirror so that places the darker side we barely see on the left side once again. Same with Nick's mask photo. Darkness is on the left side. Same with the trailer. Darkness on the left side. The photo below only shows the right side, protecting again the burned left side.

The picture below has the water/fire combo protecting the left side of his mask as well. The HALLOWEEN KILLS crew definitely seems to want to save the mask reveal for an event in itself. Which should tell you, we're in for something pretty goddamn spectacular.

Thanks for reading folks! We may have to wait another year but I think this thing is going to be a fucking banger! We'll have all the updates your pretty little heart can hope for here and on our youtube channel where we'll be trying to give you all the Halloween content you can handle until 2021 and beyond. Here's our initial reaction to the delay below.

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