• Mike Holtz

Madden 2021 Review - I'm Hoping Microsoft Accepts My Refund Request

Let me start by saying I knew the pitfalls that the Madden world had already been complaining about and while I agree with them, it did not sway my excitement for Madden 2021.

You see, we're used to EA Sports not providing us with any Franchise Mode updates because they don't make any money off of that and a $59.99 price point ($79.99 if you wanted to play it three days early) isn't enough for them to eat on apparently. They need you to play the Madden Ultimate Team modes so that they can hit you up for extra coin. Fine. Used to it.

The online competition and the roster updates however are enough for me to purchase the game each year and while it's disappointing that EA refuses to listen to their fan base (because they don't have to, there's no competition) all I need is good game play.

Goddammit, they couldn't even get that right this year.

I enjoyed the game play of Madden 2020. It wasn't perfect. Certain players were overpowered, yada, yada. Whatever. It was at least an acceptable, playable, competitive game without too many glitches and I thought it was a nice update over 2019 game play wise.

What in the unholy fuck did you do to it, EA? I've played four games. Three online and one franchise game. This is the worst Madden of all time.

First off, the passing mechanics are completely trash. You wanna throw deep? If your receiver is not COMPLETELY open and in the middle of the field, it might as well be a hailmary. Even then, half of the time the quarterback overthrows the wide open receiver by twenty yards (and it wasn't the QB, I was playing with Aaron Rodgers. One game with Tom Brady). Forget throwing it to the sidelines and pressing "A" to control the catch and get a toe tap. Plays anywhere near the endzone or sidelines result in out of bounds catches. Every. Single. Time.

The running game fared a little better. It's not so easy to break off fifty yard gains on stretch plays or to simply move in and out to avoid tacklers (a minor issue with 2020). BUT we're back to our running backs tripping on their own lineman and falling down at the line of scrimmage. Something they fixed last year but decided fuck it, who cares this year let's bring it back! Also, running backs will randomly hit strange speed burst pockets that shouldn't exist, picking up 10-12 yards with no consistency.

Defense? Fucking forget about it. One of the funner things about Madden 2020 was that you could more fluently switch between defense backs and make plays in zone coverage. Oh my sweet lord did they take that away this year and I don't even think it was on purpose. When you try to switch defensive players the mechanics are so slow you just end up completely whiffing. Or, by the time the game recognizes your movements, your player just does some wacky shit half a second too late. You'd need Professor X's ability to stop time with your mind to have any chance of reacting to a pass.

Then there's the glitches! The most obvious, DID YOU NOT EVEN PLAY THE GAME BEFORE YOU RELEASED IT, dumb fuck glitches.

I lost a game moments ago because for about the sixth time in my four game experience my quarterback hiked the ball and then inexplicably threw it immediately without me pressing a single button. This time, resulting in a linebacker pick-six interception. On other plays the ball goes through the literal soul of your receiver and is intercepted by the defender.

I didn't even bother attempting the new street mode or the RPG mode. If the game play is un-playable what is the goddamn point? I should have counted my blessings last year with a merely playable game.

Positives? They made some cool crowd noise adjustments and there's a bit more of an entertaining sideline camera on the coaches during franchise games.

I give this piece of shit a 2/10. I'll tell you what, I'll make it a 3/10 if they accept my refund request. EA Sports should be ashamed of themselves.

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