• Mike Holtz

McDonald's Has Entered The Spicy Chicken Nugget Chat

On September 16th, 2020 McDonald's is FINALLY going to enter the spicy chicken market.

For those of you saying "Well, they already have a spicy McChicken sandwich", let me tell you that I have never been to a McDonald's that actually had one. I can finally stop screaming "You yellow little bitch!!!" out of my window every time I pass the golden arches. Which, is good because I have two small children and that sort of language is frowned upon apparently.

Never the less, I questioned McDonald's for years because they never had any menu options with any actual heat to them. Let us hope that they have found their golden nuts and changed that forever with the debut of their new spicy chicken nuggets AND their new "Mighty Hot Sauce". Which, according to ChewBoom.com is their first new sauce since 2017.

Where that habanero ranch sauce go though, McDonald's? Even when they had that shit, none of the employees knew what it was and I had to direct them to the sauce bin where it was located behind the counter.

I should probably stop eating so much fast food.

Of course, it's a good idea so it will only be available for a limited time. So get your butt-hole to McDonald's on September 16th. We'll probably do a taste test so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below for all your food, horror and action movie news. Hopefully that taste test will go better than this one did:

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