• Mike Holtz

Mel Gibson Says LETHAL WEAPON 5 is "Absolutely" Still Happening

Mel Gibson, while on Good Morning America promoting his new flick Fatman (review below) confirmed that Lethal Weapon 5 was still in the works, saying:

"Yes, no absolutely. He's working on it right now. Richard Donner. He's a legend."

Richard Donner directed all four films in the Lethal Weapon franchise as well as Superman I and II, Conspiracy Theory, Tales from the Crypt, Scrooged, The Goonies and The Omen. Holy shit, I didn't even realize he directed The Omen. Respect.

Now, Richard Donner is currently 90 years old and the last movie he directed was 16 Blocks back in 2006. This could be a situation where he's writing it and or producing it rather than actually directing but who knows!?! Gibson still has the physical prowess required to do action work and whatever shape Glover is currently in, there's no reason to think a story can't be written around that to suit their current ages and lives. Lethal Weapon has always held the Riggs and Murtaugh friendship as its emotional backbone and there's no age requirement for that.

When Lethal Weapon 5 is officially announced, our bet is that this thing gets shit on like a freshly waxed car but ends up surprising people in the end. What can I say? I'm just a believer, baby. Don't be sad. Here. Have a french fry.

Check out our review of Mel's newest and badass film FATMAN below and be sure to hit that newsletter up at the bottom of the page for more news like this!

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