• Mike Holtz

Movie Review: 'New Mutants' Is a Decent Horror / Superhero Film for Young Adults

The New Mutants is finally released (thank fuck) and it hath been processed by thy brain and is ready to be judged......it's aight.

Look, the biggest question I had about The New Mutants was answered a long time ago when they gave it a PG-13 rating. This is NOT the movie that's going to fuse the X-Men universe with the horror genre. Shit, Logan was more of a horror film for adults than The New Mutants and that's okay because we've known this for months. It would have been much more exciting as a gnarly superhero horror experimentation film for adults but hey man we can't ALL be the guy who likes to party.

So, looking at The New Mutants through the lens of what it actually is.... which is about as dangerous as a pillow fight, watered down for mass consumption version of (insert movie about kids stuck in a mental hospital here) doesn't sound nice but it's not intended with malice. There are some themes and horror moments here that would blow a ten year old's mind. As long as it's a ten year old who hasn't seen many movies.

The New Mutants not a terrible movie by any stretch. All the actors more than carried their weight, all the right characters were like-able. It's decently structured. The special effects and CGI hold up to the standards of other superhero fare. It's basically a fucking Toyota Camry. It's a good car. Even if half the people in the neighborhood own one by now.There's nothing horrible here except for the marketing.

Fox/Marvel/Disney/Greg whoever the shit owns this movie at this point could have had a huge hit if the powers that be weren't trying to market it to horror and superhero fans. It has everything going for it that any Hunger Games or Divergent series does. Plus, a couple of cool looking CGI monsters.

If you or someone you'd like to take to the theater are in the mood for a young adult novelization type horror film with some X-Men tie ins (BARELY) you'll have a decent time. If you're going to the theater hoping for a horror film with any teeth whatsoever or anything groundbreaking in the superhero genre you're going to think it blows goats. In the end though I believe it layeth somewhere betwixt. No, I don't know why I keep talking like that. Just trying to spice shit up, Carl. You liked it. For more be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below and stay tuned for Bill and Ted coverage!


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