• Mike Holtz

Netflix 'Unsolved Mysteries' Will Be Handling Their Famous "Updates" Through Social Media

One of the main things I wondered when Unsolved Mysteries came back to Netflix was how they would be handing their updates. If you remember the original show, the jarring and manly yet smooth and terrifying voice of Robert Stack hitting you in the face with an "Update"

like you owed him money was oddly a high point. Plus, you know they solved cases and helped people and shit.

According to Radio Times, we'll still be getting the updates but not nearly in the awesome way of the past. The creator of the show Terry Dunn Meurer says they'll be handling their updates on social media rather in the episodes. Here's why according to Meurer:

“The news is going to hear about them sooner than anyone. Sooner than we could get an update out there. With broadcast, we would air a story and sometimes it would get solved that night and then two weeks later we would produce a quick update with new information. But we were broadcasting 22, 24 shows per year, so we could kind of get a cadence going with that. In this case, if we were to put an update at the end of the episode, we would have to ask the audience to go back and re-stream that episode or else fast-forward to the end.”

Am I still allowed to say "Update" in my head and wear an overcoat while I read them? The show has done a nice job keeping fans and armchair detectives like myself occupied. They recently dropped a slew of information on Reddit recently which we covered here and we'll keep covering everything Unsolved Mysteries until we solve them, dammit! So be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below for that and all your horror needs. Take it easy, good lookin'.

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