• Mike Holtz

New A24 Horror Film 'Saint Maud' Makes Me Feel Weird Inside

Religion can be scary. No, scratch that. Religion can be the scariest. Anybody remember Miss Carmody in 'The Mist'? I still want to punch her so hard in the face.

In their latest trailer (below) A24 forgoes the typical disturbing ass violin rubbing for Billie Eilish' 'All Good Girls Go To Hell' but that feeling that a demon is literally crawling inside you somewhere uncomfortable (and I don't mean in the backseat of a Volkswagen) is still there. A24 does disturbing so well. Who do they send out there to choose these things, the black demon goblins from 'Ghost'?

In 'Saint Maud' it appears that a young girl with a troubled past (if by troubled you mean she was at some point in a padded room laughing, covered in blood) becomes a hospice caretaker. She then becomes super religious and super obsessed with saving their souls before they pass. Creepy, much? This is fuckachobee creepy on six thousand levels because I could totally see it happening. Here's the trailer. We'll talk after. Watch for the shoe scene. I'll listen for your screams.

SEE? That fucking squish sound her feet made! My God, Jim!

To me, this trailer is horrifying simply because of the undertones. The religious aspect, the plausible story (minus that floating shit, which freaks me out too). A24 continues to make the scariest stuff this side of the devil's asshole and I can't wait to see 'Saint Maud', March 27th, 2020. Shout out by the way to A24's 'The Blackcoat's Daughter', which is the most underappreciated scary ass film of the past few years in this guys opinion.

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