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New Comic Series 'Maniac of New York' Was Born Out of Disappointment in 'Jason Takes Manhattan'

There were some cool moments in 'Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan'. Jason literally punching someone's head off, Jason becoming a good guy for a moment when he murdered those rapey street junkies, the thirteen seconds of footage we actually received of Jason in Manhattan.

Let's be honest however, the movie didn't live up to the promise of its title. 'Jason Big Boat Ride' would have been more appropriate.

There is reason to rejoice however, as according to Multiversity Comics, a new comic book series will be released this February that was born in part out of disappointment with the film.

Writer of the series, Elliott Kalan says " (Jason Takes Manhattan) promised a citywide metropolitan bloodbath and delivered a couple shots of Jason walking through Times Square in a bad mood” and I think most of us could probably agree with that sentiment.

He hopes to make up for that and more in 'Maniac of New York', a new comic book series hitting shelves in February of 2021 involving an unstoppable slasher loose in the middle of a careless New York City.

You can definitely see more 'Friday the 13th' parallels in artist Andrea Mutti's artwork below:

Apart from the 'Friday the 13th' stuff, 'Maniac of New York' has some interesting plot points of its own, according to Kalan:

‘Maniac of New York’ is a horror story about how crisis situations become our new normal. A slasher movie-style unstoppable killer is marauding through New York City, and since nobody knows how to solve the problem, everyone in power has given up and decides to just live with New Yorkers occasionally being hacked to death by an axe-wielding maniac.”

Sounds pretty rad and terrifying. Could be just the thing to fill the void 'Jason Takes Manhattan' left behind. Speaking of which, wouldn't you like to see a one off remake of 'Jason Takes Manhattan' done the right way? Let me know below!

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