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New Podcast Alert! Just Like The Movies: FALLING DOWN Full Movie Commentary

Who want's a WWAMie burger? Or some WWAMfries? Just added to the We Watched A Movie Podcast Network, another full movie commentary from Mike and Kate on Just Like The Movies.

Typically on the show we'll choose a movie that has some connection to what's going on in the world around us like we did last time with Beerfest because we've all become alcoholics over the quarantine or Cast Away because we're all trapped in isolation because of Covid. With all that's been going on in the world lately we chose Falling Down actually because of the heat wave elements being a part of the force driving Michael Douglas character banana sundae. We didn't realize the movie had quite so many ties to all the other crazy things the world is facing currently. Movies have a strange way of doing that!

Anyshits, check out the podcast below and don't forget to also check out the Heals and Quads wrestling podcast as well as the WWAM content uploaded every week! Below you'll find direct links to listen to the show on Spotify, Itunes or Spreaker. It's also available just about everywhere you listen to podcasts. Enjoy! (Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter below to be notified of all this goodness!)

Spreaker: https://bit.ly/3ctHQ3T

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I-Tunes: https://apple.co/2wsqfJO

Also available wherever you listen to podcasts, just search We Watched A Movie Podcast Network!

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