• Mike Holtz

Nicolas Cage is Castor Troy Meets Bob Ross In THE HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS Trailer (It's Magnificent)

In possibly the greatest idea of our time Nicolas Cage will be hosting a dirty (naughty even) Bob Ross type show about swear words on Netflix. Coming January 5th and according to Variety.com, The History of Swear Words "will dive into the origins, pop culture usage, science and cultural impact of swear words, such as “fuck,” “shit,” “bitch,” “dick,” “pussy” and “damn.” In each 20-minute episode, Cage will conduct interviews with historians, entertainers and experts in etymology and pop culture."

It's like I've been training for this my whole life you c*$& *&$^#@. Check out Cage in the trailer below. It's like if Caster Troy from Face Off became Bob Ross. It's so goddamn beautiful. Also, I could eat a peach for hours.

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