• Mike Holtz

NIGHTMARE NUTRIENTS: 3D Doritos Are Coming Back With Two New Flavors

Here on Nightmare Nutrients, we take a break from talking about horror and action movie news and talk sweet sugary, salty, fat fuckery. That sounded wrong. Or right?

Today's news brings me delightfulness to my nostalgia sack. 3D Doritos are back!

Now, to my knowledge they have actually had 3D Doritos in Mexico for some time and those can be purchased on Ebay leading me to ponder for far too long whether or not it would be illegal to go to mexico and load a shit ton of 3D Doritos in the car and sell them in the United States....that's got to be illegal right? Anyways, no need now as Instagram site Candy Hunting hath just unleashed unto the world some most excellent news they received from mobile-playbook.com -

Followed up with the caption "Doritos 3D will be back on January 18! Flavors include Spicy Ranch and Chili Cheese Nacho."

Not only do we get 3D Doritos but we also get two new-ish flavors.

BREAK OUT THE MOUNTAIN DEW ZERO, MOM. Someone's about to get knee deep in some hollow, powdered cheese nuggs. If you're still reading this for some damn reason subscribe to the newsletter below for more!

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