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NIGHTMARE NUTRIENTS: A Christmas Pizza from Pizza Hut + a Gravy Burger from KFC

We eat pizza for lunch, dinner, sometimes breakfast, when we party, when someone helps us move, when we're at the mall (Sup Sbarro's), during football games....we always eat pizza. Except at Christmas. I mean, most times. But pizza has now decided to be the Disney of food. This greedy little bitch wants to own everything. Pizza Hut UK was like fine, fuck it. We'll give you Christmas, pizza.

Pizza Hut in the UK hath announced a Christmas pizza which consists of rotisserie chicken (let's be honest guys its just chicken, they aren't roasting full chickens in the middle of a goddamn Pizza Hut), bacon, stuffing and a red wine GRAVY base as the sauce. I'm going to be honest with you, aside from the red wine part of the gravy sauce that sounds goddamn delicious. How are you not gonna put turkey on a Thanksgiving pizza though? Some mashed potato's, some mac n chee? We need an American version of this, stat.

Elsewhere in the UK, where apparently they are the only ones with the balls to get in the kitchen and fuck up some shit is KFC's new gravy burger. Aside from someone needing to smack KFC in the head and tell them the definition of "burger" let's check it out anyways.

I'm no scientist but that's a goddamn chicken sandwich, Colonel. Verbage aside, this Christmas treat(?) has a hashbrown with a hole in it, that hole is filled with gravy and that gooey shit on the bottom is "gravynaisse". Which, is mayo mixed with gravy. WHAT PART OF YOU THOUGHT WE WOULDN'T EAT THIS IN KENTUCKY, KFC? I'm geniunely torn between throwing up in my mouth and wanting to try it. I'd try it.

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Source: Brandeating.com

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