• Mike Holtz

NIGHTMARE NUTRIENTS: Check Out Krispy Kreme's New Halloween Donuts

Pictured here are Krispy Kreme's newest Halloween satanic donut offerings. Okay, maybe not satanic unless you're on a diet. Fall is a REALLY bad time to be on a diet. Oktoberfest beers, football, football snacks, wings, pumpkin spice stuff, chili, donuts, EVERTHINGS A SUSPECT. Not to mention, you can wear a hoodie all season long and cover up that extra jelly.

Pictured above you have the obvious Frankenstein complete with pretzel ear pieces, Dracula who's stuffed with so much raspberry filling it's coming out his fangs, a werewolf with that sexy frosting coat and a couple of lovely decorated missionary position donuts.

Krispy Kreme is also running a deal from October 10th to the end of the month where on Saturday's if you buy a dozen donuts, you get ANOTHER dozen donuts for $1 which features one special Jack-O-Lantern donut per box. So, if you find yourself in a pinch on a Saturday morning and need 24 goddamn donuts you are in luck. Happy Halloween hunting buttholes!

Fuck, I love this time of year. For more Halloween atmosphere check out our Halloween Horror Month 2020 video below and make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel for Halloween debauchery all month long.

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