• Mike Holtz

NIGHTMARE NUTRIENTS: Here's How Burger King Germany is Celebrating Halloween

Welcome to Nightmare Nutrients, where we celebrate food that celebrates Halloween and we do it far less often than we originally planned. Anyways, what's that orange gooey shit on this Hamburger from Burger King in Germany? Sweet potato? Baby food? Pumpkin squish? Why did I capitalize hamburger?

According to BrandEating.com it's "Bavarian-style cheese spread that appears to be obatza, a traditional biergarten food. "Wiesn" another name for Oktoberfest."

I DON'T KNOW WHAT ANY OF THAT MEANS but I know that Burger King put some orange shit on a burger during Halloween and I'm never going to get to experience it because IT'S IN GERMANY and that sucks. It's called the Wiesn King and not having it here in America is pure Wiesn-shite.

Stay tuned for more Halloween themed food articles and you know, actualy movie stuff too. Matter of fact subscribe your ass to the newsletter below and enjoy our breakdown of the HALLOWEEN 2 novel in the video below.

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