• Mike Holtz

NIGHTMARE NUTRIENTS: White Castle Is Serving Sloppy Joes Now + More Weird Sh*t


According to Chewboom.com White Castle is adding yet another reason my wife won't let me eat it in the car. Arguably the worlds best drunk fast food with respect to Taco Bell is dropping an entire "Comfort food lineup" on our fat asses. I'm not sure how in the greasy fuck White Castle doesn't already count as comfort food but here we are.

White Castle is dropping their "Smoky Joe Slider" featuring "a blend of 100 percent beef, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and a sweet and tangy sauce, all topped with smoked cheddar cheese and crispy onion crisps on a signature slider bun."

There's a regular sloppy joe as well sans the smoked cheddar and onion strips AND if you don't feel your arteries filling up like a bingo hall post covid yet there's MAC AND CHEESE NIBBLERS. Fried mac n cheese. In nugget form. All pictured below.

I'd put that in my mouth. Gonna need about say.......four of em? Stuff those in the old hole? Stuff us in your mailbox by popping your email in the box below for more weird foods, horror and action news!

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