• Mike Holtz

NIGHTSTREAM Film Festival Offers Reprieve For Horror Fans in the Age of Covid

If horror movies have taught us anything it's to look at the bright side of things. Sound insane? Think about it. When we're watching our hero or heroine having their friends cut to pieces and being continuously frightened and injured we aren't usually thinking "Oh man, they are never going to be the same person again." We're usually just thinking "Oh man, I hope they survive."

In that spirit, even though all the films we were looking forward to enjoying in theaters this October are being taken from us, we must once again look at the bright side. In the year of our dark lord 2020, you don't have to travel to attend the film festivals you always dreamed of attending.

Adapting to the inability to produce large gatherings due to covid, many film festivals are going the online route, including NIGHTSTREAM film festival. Nightstream is the combination of the Boston Underground, Brooklyn Horror, North Bend, Overlook, and Popcorn Frights Festivals and you can purchase tickets to a litany of horror films and their screenings running from October 8th-11th, or purchase badges for blocks of films and their panels.

There is an endless array of new and up and coming horror films to choose from on the festivals website including Sarah Paulson's new feature RUN and the extremely freaky looking DETENTION.

We, ourselves will be reviewing several of them as the screenings take place. Check out the full program and all the films you'll be available to attend from the comfort of your own home eating Cheetos and wearing a Michael Myers snuggie at no risk from covid unless your Uncle who likes to lick toilet seats for Tik Tok tries to visit again...... here.

Let's look at the bloody bright side and enjoy even more horror films than we were supposed to in 2020.....and we can do it naked if we want! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below to get all of our coverage and reviews from the films. We can talk about it after! It'll be like we just went to the movies together.

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