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Paramount Announces Details On A New 'Power Rangers' Reboot Based In The 90's

'Power Rangers' is coming back! No, not the beloved 90's show or a sequel to the 2017 Lionsgate film. A brand new theatrical reboot entirely, this time to be helmed by Paramount.

Here's the early details and our thoughts on all of them:

The film will be directed by Jonathan Entwistle, who is the created of Netflix series 'The End of the Fucking World' which I've never seen and can't comment on. That's fine. You don't need Terrence Malick to make a Power Rangers movie. You just need someone who's capable of making it entertaining. Which, I thought the last movie reboot totally was already. I had fun with it! That being said I wasn't overly attached to any of the characters or the story so I have no qualms here with giving someone else a shot at it.

Paramount's hearts are set on returning the franchise to its roots. The story (according to The Hollywood Reporter), plans to bring the kids via time travel back into the 90's where they have to find a way to escape back home.

Returning the Power Rangers to the 90's is a (and you can quote me on this) goddamn move of epic, Megazord level genius.

I know, I know, the 80's and 90's nostalgia craze is getting the big fat Walmart treatment meaning everyone is doing it and it just isn't cool anymore. These are the Power Rangers though! They were born in the 90's! That's their home!

*Happy Gilmore voice* "It’s time to go home, son of a bitch ball! Why didn’t you go home?! That’s your home! Are you too good for your home?! Answer me!"

I do wonder, however. If the teens are able to get themselves back home to present time successfully and the movie is indeed successful as well.....where do we go for sequels? Does this become a time travel franchise? Moving to the 80's, 70's wherever? Imagine the POWER RANGERS IN THE 1920's!?!

Maybe they scrap the time travel idea altogether after the first film or hey, maybe the 90's are so fun the kids decide to stay there so they can fuck with Goldar. You know, like those 'Messin' With Sasquatch' beef jerky commercials only 'Fuckin' w Goldar'? I'm sorry, I have ADD and a knack for coming up with amazing ideas.

Don't let your monsters grow too fast, Rita. This awesome script idea is set to be penned by Patrick Burleigh. You know, esteemed writer of the upcoming Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway. Literally the only credit on this dudes writing resume. Hollywood is so fucking wiley!

Do you do anything with the original cast? I would think not considering they already had cameos in the last film. The seven year old in me is seriously hoping and praying they go back to the original uniforms. OOH, or those chromed out ones from the original movies! Those toys were sexy as hell!

What do you think about all this? Comment below! Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter! Here's our review of the last 'Power Rangers' reboot and the annoying fucking moviegoers we had to deal with:


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