• Mike Holtz

Pizza Hut In The UK Got High Again & Put KFC On Their Pizza

This big old slice of ewey gooey gumdrops pictured above is Pizza Hut UK's newest fast food uglies bumper.

No, it's not called KFC's Famous Brexit Bowl, but I crack myself up.

This here is the KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza consisting of KFC gravy, KFC corn and KFC popcorn chicken smothered on top of a classic Pizza Hut pizza. Again, only available in the UK.

First off, how the shit biscuits did this come to be? Were two people working late one night at one of those travel stops that have Pizza Hut and KFC awkwardly close to each other when they decided to start rubbing their foods together in some sort of weird sex thing? Probably not but it'd be cooler if they did. Grosser and cooler.

Secondly, how in the gravy gooch did they not release this in the US? You think Southerners don't get the munchies? KFC stocks in West Virginia alone would have risen faster than "Shakira" deep fake porn searches after the Superbowl halftime show.

All this being said, I would try this because I like to try things but it honestly looks kind of gross. Your thoughts?

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