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PROJECT 007 The People Who Made Hitman Just Announced a New James Bond Game! (Trailer)

There's a new James Bond game coming out people! And it's being taken seriously! Considerably!

The news just came out via tweet that IO Interactive, the company behind the legendary Hitman games is currently working on (working title) Project 007.

The game will be an original Bond story AND get this.....an origin story. Now, I know we have Casino Royale and what not but there's some room to mess around there surely. Especially in video game land. IO will be using the same Glacier Engine as the last Hitman game and the game is being created for PC's and for consoles....and ofcourse for England, James!

Check out the trailer below:

This news is particularly exciting for me. I'm not a huge gamer outside of the bigger titles and Madden every year but I've always stayed up on the Bond games. Years upon years of my youth was spent playing Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 with friends. This was the multiplayer shooter before Halo. Before Call of Duty.

We couldn't go online but we'd play the shit out of that four screen split. The best game mode was "The Man With The Golden Gun". The gun, placed in the middle of the map was a one shot, one kill weapon. I'll tell you, there's no way in Christmassy fuck that you could get me to go back to my high school years but I would pay good money to go back and play a few hours of Goldeneye with the crew again.

However, though they tried multiple times they never came out with a game that matched the greatness of Goldeneye. Most game were actually pretty awful. Them shits would be $7.99 at Gamestop within two weeks. I think this might be the one guys!

We'll have more updates as it unfolds so be sure to throw your email the newsletter below for more!

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