• Mike Holtz

PROJECT POWER Netflix Trailer Starring Jamie Foxx & Joseph Gordon Levitt Released

PROJECT POWER is a Netflix original movie dropping August 14th on the platform and starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Dominique Fishback. The movie is based on a special pill you can take that will give you a super power for five minutes. Isn't that just called cocaine? Kidding! Check out the trailer below!

Kind of looks like a mix between Bradley Cooper's underrated 2011 film LIMITLESS and Netflix' THE DEFENDERS Tv series. It's nice to see Jamie Foxx while we wait for SPAWN and his Mike Tyson biopic and it feels like we've barely seen JGL lately. Remember that time Scarlett Johansson made him jizz in his jeans in DON JON? I know it has nothing to do with this but damn, what a scene.

The shots of JGL playing police man also totally brought back memories of his character from THE DARK KNIGHT. Or "Robin" from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Pfft. That arc am I right? Thanks for reading! Let us know in the comments if you'll be checking out PROJECT POWER and subscribe to the newsletter below for more!

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