• Mike Holtz

'Ready Or Not' Directors Have Their Next Film Planned Out and It Sounds Rad

Radio Silence is a group of people who band together to make horror films. They are responsible for directing this years amazing 'Ready or Not' featuring a badass heroine needing no over the top social justice cause to shine and instead of all of us fighting online and being called sexists we just enjoyed the magical female prowess on screen without feeling attacked. What? That had nothing to do with 'Black Christmas'. Jeez, Rick get over yourself. Toxic sumbitch.

Anyways, Radio Silence have also managed to produce and direct 2018's 'Southbound' and different layers of the 'V/H/S' franchise. After 'Ready or Not' however, it was assumed that Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett of Radio Silence would be in high demand and holy fuckaroni here we are.

According to THR, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are going to produce Radio Silence's next film. It's said to be 'Good Boys' meets 'The Revenant' with heart. I'd like to throw in a 'Stand By Me' comparison as well, having never seen or had a goddamn conversation about this movie with any of them in my life. That's just what came to mind as the middle ground between those two films. Sounds like a bunch of foul mouthed kids are going to be chased across the wilderness by a big fuckin bear. With heart.

These guys sound like the perfect men for the job. Hell, I'd buy stock in this.

Good thing they aren't setting up a Go Fund Me or anything though, because then you'd know I was lying. No offense, guys. I'll buy the shit out of a ticket. I just have no insurance and a broken tooth right now so it's not a good time? I know that nobody asked. I'm making this awkward, aren't I? Welp, see ya later.

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