• Mike Holtz

Rumor: Courtney Cox Attached To SCREAM 5

Thanks to our buddy Critical Overlord who's always on top of the SCREAM news, we've got a cool little rumor brewing on the internets this morning that Courtney Cox is attached to SCREAM 5. The image below showed up on Reddit this morning (edited to remove private info):

One user points out that this looks like the info is from the website Production Weekly. I checked and it definitely does follow the same formatting, although a subscription is required to view the site any further. If true, this little diddy right here confirms that the working title of the film is PARKSIDE ALPHA and that both Neve Campbell but Courtney Cox are back as Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers. Bam! Bitch went down! Sid! Super bitch!

The plot line is pretty vague "A woman returns to her hometown when an unknown assailant commits a heinous crime and returns to find the culprit" but it makes sense that it would be. SCREAM has had a history with script leaks and usually keep the plot details close to the chest.

I don't know guys, a lot of really specific info in there for this to be a fake but we've seen people go through the lengths of writing entire scripts so who the shit knows? EVERYBODY'S A SUSPECT!!!!! Whatever happens with SCREAM 5, we'll have the updates right here so be sure to hit up that email subscription below and subscribe to the youtube channel below as well. Have an awesome Friday! I HOPE IT'S A SCREAM BABY!!!!

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