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Silence of the Lambs TV Series CLARICE Coming in February to CBS (Trailer)

Would you watch it? I'd watch it.

TheHollywoodReporter.com reports that the Silence of the Lambs TV Series Clarice will debut on February 11th at 10PM on CBS. The show will pick up where Silence of the Lambs left off and what became of Clarice Starling's (originally played by Jodie Foster) career.

The show will star Rebecca Breeds (Pretty Little Liars) in the titular role as well as Michael Cudlitz, Lucca de Oliveira, Kal Penn, Nick Sandow, Devyn Tyler and Marnee Carpenter. We put the trailer on the page or we get the hose again below:

The show looks decent my only wish is that it wasn't on CBS. It'd be a bit more interesting if it were on a show that would allow it to push the boundaries of an R rating like Netflix, HBO, yada, yada.

One thing I can't shake outta my brain, however. The trailer asks "what do you do with all your rage?" and all I want is for Matthew Mcconaghey's character in Wolf of Wall Street to answer with his:

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