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Stephen King Says He Almost Wrote A Book About Jason Voorhees and Oh My God, Could You Imagine?

Stephen King took to twitter today to in his own words reveal he almost wrote a book about Jason Voorhees titled "I, Jason". A book that would have been empathetic to Jason's side of the story. Could you imagine? Stephen King stepping into the sandbox of the Friday the 13th franchise? It would have been a goddamn horror megazord! Especially if they can somehow rekindle this in the wake of the ongoing lawsuit.

Here's exactly what he said in a series of mind blowingly glorious twitter tweets:

Alright, lawsuit mc-lawsuit makers. Get your shit together. It's fuckin horror morphin' time out here.

Look, the implications of Stephen King writing a Jason Voorhees story are HUGE. It would completely change the status of the IP of Friday the 13th. Pairing the most famous horror writer of all time with one of the most famous slashers of all time? The books! The subsequent movies! The killings! My, God. Nobody even asked for this. Not because we didn't want it but because we didn't know such filthy treats were even possible in the year of our dark lord, 2020!

In all seriousness, the two sides of the horridly greedy and untimely Friday the 13th lawsuit need to look at this series of tweets, get together, decide to split the pot and realize the amount of unholy cash they could all make off this whilst simultaneously pleasing horror fans and propelling Friday the 13th into the most interesting IP around.

It's what's best for mother, Jason. Give us what we want and we'll go away.

See what I did there? I just combined Stephen King and Jason Voorhees. It was magical. Provocative. Get's the people going! I think we could all agree Stephen King mixing it up in the world of Crystal Lake is fascinating and most of us can agree it'd be great.

More divisive, however is his plans to look at Jason from an empathetic lense. That could ruffle mothers feathers. I'm also not going to lie and say that him mentioning Blumhouse producing it doesn't feel like maybe he's just trolling hardcore slasher fans a little bit with all this?

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