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Stuck Home? Here's A Guide to New Home Movies This Week

We're all locked up in some form or another. Whether you are considered "essential" or not during this whore of a virus and have to work; There's nothing entertainment wise to do afterwards. WE GOT NO PLACE TO GO! Not even the movies. So, here's a quick list of cool shit that came out on home video this week that you can rent/stream or order online.

Netflix New Releases:

Released today, March 26th is this underrated Mel Gibson film from just a couple of years ago. 'Blood Father' has Gibson showing off the acting chops we've been deprived of when his daughter is kidnapped and he is forced back into a world of crime and shooting bad guys in their mother effing faces. Total must see for gritty action fans and Mel fans alike (GUILTY). Here's our video review of the movie for more.

New Movie Theater Flicks Available To Rent At Home:

'Birds of Prey'

There's a plethora of films that should still be in the theaters right now playing on video on demand instead. 'Birds of Prey' is available to watch in your own home right now and honestly? I'd recommend it over any of the other ones in terms of a good time. Bright, wacky, funny and surprisingly R rated, I had a blast with this one. You can rent it from Amazon for less than the price of two movie tickets here.

'The Way Back'

Now, this is my personal recommendation for anyone who wants to cry their goddamn eyes out. 'The Way Back' is an amazing performance by Ben Affleck, especially considering what he's went through in his personal life. I'm warning you. You will cry. Especially at the end. The end will get ya. That doesn't mean it's a sad ending. Just an emotional one. It's also nice to get some basketball up in us. Since Corona dicked that away from us too. You can rent 'The Way Back' here.

Vin Diesel's Bloodshot is also available for rent on Amazon.

Video On Demand:

'The Gentlemen' (Available to buy on digital)

This one will take your mind off things for a while. Guy Ritchie directs a star studded cast in a badass, old school Guy Ritchie mob flick. Matthew Mcconaughey, Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell are entertaining as fuck and this is one I personally wouldn't mind owning and I now can! It's available to purchase digitally on Amazon for $12.99.


This guy totally looks like me running to the toilet anytime I go to a bookstore. Anyways, I have no comment on '1917' as I have yet to see it. I hear it's lovely though! You can rent it on Amazon for $5.99

Physical Media Releases:

'April Fool's Day' Scream Factory Collector's Edition

Get in on one of those sexy Shout Factory blu ray releases with this 1986 slasher classic on Amazon. If you decided to break from collecting during to Corona (me too) and just want to watch the regular version you can rent it here.


I only add this to the list because I came across it on Amazon for a cool $7.99, yo. That's about as cheap as she's ever been for anyone who owns the digital version but wants the physical copy for your collection......now is the time, Michael. Grab her here.

'The Grudge'

One of the few films we got to nail in the theaters before we were shut down this year, 'The Grudge' was pretty disappointing and broken up but I am honestly curious to see it again. I enjoyed the acting and the cinematography. That story was just so.....dank. Anyways, if you want to buy it for your collection you can do so here. Personally, I recommend a cheap rental.

'Come To Daddy'

If you are in the mood for a wild and wacky black comedy, 'Come to Daddy' has gotten rave reviews. Personally, I thought it was a lot less clever than the film believed itself to be but again....most loved it! It involves Elijah Wood with a terrible haircut meeting his father for the first time. He ends up being a full on mental case psychopath. Very Willem Dafoe in 'The Lighthouse'. From there the film goes full on twisty dick, trying to surprise and shock you at every turn. It was alright. You can buy it here or rent it here (which I recommend).

WHEW. THAT'S IT! Hope this helps you guys and gals enjoy some home entertainment during our dark rest. Love you! Stay safe! Clean your hands, wash your butts! Need anything? Hit me up WeWatchedAMovie2@gmail.com

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