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Studios Considering Pushing August Releases Into September - What's That Mean For HALLOWEEN KILLS?

According to Deadline, studios will be re-assessing their release schedule based on the recent surges in the coronavirus after the July 4th holiday. Specifically, the article mentions Russell Crowe's UNHINGED which is currently slate for July 31st and the usual protectors of the line TENET and MULAN. Apparently, the studios are considering another two week push back that will push planned August releases into September.

Now, this is interesting to us all as to when the flying fuck bucket we'll be able to get past this piece of shit Coronavirus and go back to our lives but specifically for HALLOWEEN KILLS, what does this mean?

It can't be good.

Currently HALLOWEEN KILLS holds an October 16th, 2020 release date and as we all know there's been no word of a trailer nor poster for a while now as Blumhouse plays wait and see. In my mind, they are waiting on theaters to play movies so that they can hopefully play their trailer in theaters. If UNHINGED had released July 31st and TENET soon behind it that would have been an understandable marketing kickoff point for a film that has a solid fan base already in place. If that is the case (and let me be clear, I don't know that it is) those films being pushed back two weeks has to put even more strain on a tight marketing window.

Secondly, let's look at the release schedule up to HALLOWEEN KILLS. If these films are pushed back two weeks, you are looking at having UNHINGED, THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY, TENET, GREENLAND, ANTEBELLUM, MULAN, BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC and THE NEW MUTANTS all pushed into September. A month already expected to host THE CONJURING III (Although Warner Bros is currently looking at the possibility of pushing this one to 2021) A QUIET PLACE PART II, HONEST THIEF, MONSTER HUNTER, THE KINGS MAN and CANDYMAN. All these movies in theaters at the same time is one thing. All these movies in the theaters at the same time during the coronavirus in which theaters have to spread out seating and utilize auditoriums to make for extra showtimes for the bigger films? Hard to imagine.

Some of these films will no doubt be pushed back further, which will bleed into October. Which is once again why this little two week possibility seems like it COULD be yet another blow to our chances of seeing HALLOWEEN KILLS this year. HALLOWEEN being the one title you don't want to move from an October release date for obvious reasons.

As KILLS fans have discussed to ad nauseum, there is always the chance Blumhouse and Universal choose to release KILLS the VOD (Video on demand) route or possible release the film for limited release schedule before releasing to VOD. This sort of thing would only add tension to an already iffy situation between theater owners and studios which makes me believe the more likely option (though it hurts my soul) that HALLOWEEN KILLS would be delayed to 2021, giving Blumhouse time to work on HALLOWEEN ENDS in the case of another coronavirus shooting delay on that film. What do I hope? I hope this bullshit ends so we can watch HALLOWEEN KILLS this October in the theaters with our friends. Knives crossed!

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