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'Superman: Red Son' Movie Review

***If you are unfamiliar with the plot of 'Superman: Red Son' some spoilers may exist below***

The DC animated universe has been astoundingly underrated for their willingness to take risks and create mature content. 'Superman: Red Son' takes DC's flagship characters, burns them down and rebuilds them from scratch, all in about an hour in a half to fascinating and thought provoking results.

In 'Red Son' we're brought to an alternate universe where Superman landed in Soviet Russia instead of Kansas. He was raised to believe deeply in communism and he does. So much so that when he decides to reveal his powers as a child, he offers them to the "cause". He really isn't a fan of the United States and our capitalist ways and I gotta tell you guys, Superman not liking you is scary.

Shit only gets weirder from here......

Batman plays a full on goddamn Russian terrorist. He murders innocent people in sadistic fashion in his quest to prove the ideals of Superman wrong. All this culminates with one of the most fascinating hand to hand combat scenes between Batman and Superman on record. There is a moment here where Batman literally beats the living fuck out of Supes and it is oh so violent and weird to watch. Yet, fascinating nonetheless. Lois Lane is married to Lex Luthor who's obsessed with stopping Superman only you've no idea who the hell the actual good guy is here.

'Red Son' refuses to tell you how to feel as the morals of each character are completely shrouded in mystery. Is Superman really being this big of a dick right now? Or is he still the good guy deep down once all this plays out? Are we innately good but subject to our surroundings? If Superman can be compromised, how should we judge humans? This is where 'Red Son' really shines. We as an audience get to experience these characters who's stories, plights and motivations we've watched play out a million times get an entirely fresh take where the stakes are extremely high.

All that being said, there were a lot of ideas trying to spread their wings in 'Red Son' and when the dust clears, more than a few of them ended up short handed. You get a strong sense by the films end that certain moments were supposed to land with a lot more weight than they ultimately did. That being said the entire story was enthralling and the sheer balls it took to tell this story with such beloved characters should be applauded. The execution of this film was a heavy task and I think it was carried out admirably but most of all I just have a profound respect for this level of gutsy storytelling that we're getting from the DC Animated Universe.

8/10 Thanks for reading! Let me know how you feel wherever this was posted! Also be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below.

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