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'Superman: Red Son' Trailer + Thoughts

Imagine if based on nothing more than the time little baby Superman was shot into earth (don't be gross) he landed in Russia instead of the USA? Imagine if he then became the champion of Stalin and Communism? That's the basis for 'Superman: Red Son' and it's got me all fired up for some weird shit.

The idea, coming from a three part series under DC's 'Elseworld' label is just another reason why comic book one shots and what ifs can be the most interesting storylines of all. Do weird stuff. Play with your toys! (I told you not to be gross, dude)

Anyways, with all that in mind let us take a look at the trailer for DC Animated's 'Superman: Red Son'. One more thing? DC Animated films rock the shit.

*High fives someone and takes a bite of a sandwich angrily whilst never losing contact with you. Starts trailer.*

Whoa. Things are getting crazy in here! So, Jason Isaacs (The Patriot) is set to voice a Russian Superman. Which is cool, because he voiced Lex Luthor in a DC Animated film not that long ago and because he's a badass and supremely underrated actor.

Is Superman a full on bad guy? It doesn't seem like it because he mentions he wants to save the world at one point, right? Perhaps he has good but misguided intentions and must be stopped by the infiltration of Wonder Woman and friends. It also seems as if Lex Luthor is teaming up with the Green Lantern Corps and what the fuck is on Batman's head?!?!? Looks like in this version of the story Batman is Russian as well. Or maybe his ears are just cold.

Mind you, I have not read the comic book series and am glad I haven't yet because I'm very intrigued as to what in the holy superfuck everyone has going on with their shit in this movie. I think the trailer looks great, DC Animated is great and the DCEU itself is trending in the right direction at the moment so everything is great.

It would be very cool to see Warner Bros have the cojones (BALLS) to take properties like this and make them one off, or even two to three films telling singular stories ala Nolan's Batman trilogy. As a champion of 'Man of Steel' and 'Batman V Superman' I was always a bit disappointed that 'BvS' told the Doomsday Superman tale so quickly. As my favorite comic book story of all time I feel like that tale alone could have been a three movie arc.

What do you think about the trailer? 'Superman Red Son' will release early 2020 on blu ray and digital!

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