• Mike Holtz

Sylvester Stallone Confirms Directors Cut of 'Rocky IV' + May Cut Out Paulie's Robot?

If the robot dies.....he dies.

Sylvester Stallone announced on his Instagram about an hour ago that he would indeed be making a Director's cut of Rocky IV for the films 35th anniversary. Fuck, I'm old.

Any fan of Rocky knows that Rocky IV was one of the most entertaining, heroic and greatest film achievements of all time. I'm not joking. Stallone did apparently threaten to cut out Paulie's robot though, according to savvy internet user @murderwizard (Twitter).

Yo, you can't just give somebody somethin' and then take it back. You can't take it back, you know? Or somethin'. That was my written Rocky impression. That's a thing we're doing now. Written impressions. It's for people like me who suck at actual impressions. I go to do Rocky and I sound like a french Mike Tyson. I try to do Mike Tyson and I sound like Rosie O'Donell on acid. Who knows. I know I'm buying the shit out of this Rocky IV director's cut when it releases. Long live Rocky. And also, Paulie's goddamn robot. For our review of that and much more random shit subscribe to the newsletter below!

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